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Full Scale Effects is a full service shop that can provide any type of support for on set operations. We have many experienced personnel who are available to do anything from plumbing hot water for a shower to coordinating a large scale feature film. Our shop houses a fully stocked rental department with all types of reliable equipment ready in a short notice. We also have the ability to fabricate any mechanical prop needed to achieve an effect.


One major benefit from performing on set operations as well as having our own rental and fabrication shop is that we have the ability to fully customize any job on short notice. We also have a full selection of trucks and trailers for our crew to operate from, this gives production the ease of mind that we will have whatever we will need when we need it.

We also offer a full range of pyrotechnic support. We have the ability to provide all kinds of effects from squib hits to campfires to full blown war scenes. Our history aids us in our ability to create many safe yet beautiful pyrotechnic displays. We can also customize many flame effects to achieve any look needed. Just be aware that any type of pyrotechnic effect will require a certified pyrotechnician and quite possibly a fire safety officer.

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