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Joe Lombardi started working in the entertainment industry in 1946. Around that time the studios controlled a lot of the departments throughout production. In 1955, Joe decided to start the first independent special effects company outside of the studios. At that time, special effects started taking a large turn towards how movies are made to this day.


Joe helped pioneer many techniques that are still being used. Some of his notable beginnings are shows like I Love Lucy, Lassie, Star Trek, and Gomer Pyle. His love of the craft helped inspire his son Paul Lombardi to join the family owned business. Together they created many effects in films such as The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Flight of the Intruder, all the way to Courage Under Fire. In 1997, The Academy recognized Joe’s uncompromising promotion of safety, by presenting him with the Academy Award of Commendation. These same standards are still utilized by today’s special effects technicians.


When Joe passed away in December of 1997, Paul continued in the natural progression that helped Full Scale become what it is today. Paul’s dedication to the craft has helped in teaching many special effects technicians who work in the industry. Around this time Dave Peterson joined Full Scale’s team in supervising many of the shops movies and TV series. This eventually led to Dave handling many of Full Scale’s day to day operations. After a decade of being with Full Scale, Dave now coordinates all jobs that pass through its doors.

Full Scale’s past and future will continue to evolve as the ever changing industry grows to new heights.

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