Tour Hazer II (Limited Time Special)

Tour Hazer II (Limited Time Special)


Just for a limited time only we are offering our new Tour Haze II for only $100 per day!


This hazer creates a fine haze, filling the air with perfect "Designer Mist". Perfect environment for beam effects and moving light shows. This hazer has variable haze output and fan speed. Electronically temperature controlled. 


Power: 1500 W

Power requirements: 110 V 

Weight (without fluid): 16.5 kg (S/SF/A), 14.1 kg (Boxed)

Fluid consumption: 5 Liters, 83 hours at 40% output, 8.9 ml/min. MAX: 1.0 ml/min 40% (fluid Included)

Fluid bottle capacity: 5 liters

Warm up time: 60 seconds