Harry Styles - Falling (Official Video)
Harry Styles - Falling (Official Video)
Harry Styles - Falling (Official Video)
Samurai Fog
Standing Pinata
Tree Over Car

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Please explore the site so you can see how flexible we truly are.

We always welcome any challenge that you may have for us.

Our inventory of rental equipment consists of a wide range of reliable well known brands of equipment and we also offer our own line of equipment from fans to foggers. 

The biggest seller within our expendables would be our various fog fluids. We also carry all of your standard on set expendables such as tape, 77 spray and balsa wood

We provide a wide range of onset services. From candles on your commercial project, to running a network Television series, we have the equipment and labor to cover all of your needs.  


6875 Tujunga Ave
North Hollywood CA 91605

Ph# (818) 760-0875
Ph# (818) 760-0042
Fax# (818) 760-0876



Dave Peterson - General Manager
Coordinator, Bids, Set Support

Robin Pellegrino - Operations Manager
Tech Support, Rental Support. 


For other inquiries email: admin@fullscalefx.com

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